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To advertisers

Dear Sirs!

We would be pleased to introduce your company to Kazakhstan consumers.

We invite you to advertise your company on the pages of our magazine and would like to offer you to publish advertising article in our edition.

Taking into consideration today's society needs in most comfortable and practical accommodation, the products provided by your company are, certainly in demand. But the possibility to bring such goods directly from abroad inevitably increases the competitiveness of the market. Concerning this, we would like to offer advertising modules in our magazine with the aim of attracting new customers for your specific products.

"Homes and Interiors" magazine has several significant advantages:
- the magazine is published for more than 10 years;
- edition is 7000 copies;
- it is distributed through retail outlets around the city and directly in furniture stores, plumbing and tile departments, interior showrooms, as well as elite resort areas, beauty salons and clinics;
- information about your product placed in "Home and Interiors" magazine will be delivered directly to the target audience: consumers that are looking for new solutions for their homes, interior designers, dealers.

Apart from that, publication in "Homes and Interiors" magazine is one of the best ways to make contact with the audience.

Information placed in our thematic edition gets to the customer at the right moment when their opportunity to take some time to read the magazine meets with their desire to perceive something new.

We know how to draw attention to the proposed product, and because of the interesting content and high quality of the edition the reader will return to reading "Homes and Interiors" magazine again and again, and this is a guarantee that the advertising of your company will get many times to the attention of your potential customer.

With regard to the method of placement, the magazine offers some interesting options for PR-articles and advertising modules. This significantly increases the impact of magazine materials and makes them more efficient and not annoying.

And, what is most important, this will allow you a variety of different angles to present your company and products.

As per the financial aspect of the question, we would like to let you know that we have a flexible bonus system for ongoing customers.

For the initial introduction of the company, products and goods, we recommend a detailed publication in "Brand" section.

"Model Series" topic will effectively demonstrate the full range of your products to consumers.

After paying full color one-page advertisement, as a bonus you will get opportunity to present from one to three goods in the "News" section.

"Showroom" section is a great opportunity to present new goods to attract potential customers.

Important events (such as opening of new store, presentation of new collection, meeting with designers, trainings and seminars) are covered in "Events" section.

Sections like "Houses and Interiors", "Foreign interior", "Business Interior" provide an opportunity to show the products in a live setting. We can offer you a special section, "The interior of ...", in which we present the completed project of residential interior or public area, with a focus on your products both in the texting and in photo series.